E-health: How technology can improve health care

• Technology:

  • Mototurbine, touch screen panel,high-quality filtration
  • High-efficiency photocatalysisdevelopped in collaboration with AFNOR Group

• Innovation

  • Real-time filter performance display
  • Continuously monitor the air you breathe
  • Continuous environmental air quality data log (each hour)
  • ACTIV mode: smart unit automatically adapts to your environment
  • Activ oxygen mode: eliminates 100% of odors


  • Antibacterial, virucidal and acaricidal pre-filter certifed EN1276, EN 14675: developed with a French laboratory
  • PREMIUM EN1822-certified filters

Monitoring screens

For professionals, control the air in working and living spaces from a monitoring screen and IT Asset management software. Stay connected with EOLIS Air Manager using the NatéoSanté’s app for tablets and smartphones.


  • Connected: remote control from anywhere in the world
  • Smart: Control the air you breathe
  • Touch screen panel