With the help of a triboelectric filter, germicidal UV air purifiers trap impurities, including submicron particles (as small as 0.04 microns) as well as bacteria, germs, microbes, etc. A germicidal ultraviolet barrier comprised of special tubes continuously exposes the electrostatic filter and all the microorganisms captured to radiation.

This treated air again passes through the ultraviolet beam in order to be totally decontaminated before being recycled.

Applications: Offices, computing environments, doctors’ and vets’ surgeries, analysis laboratories, medical and social centres and community areas, shops (excluding food outlets, discotheques, smoking rooms, etc.


  • Placement: mounted on the wall or attached to the ceiling (in the centre of the room)
  • Servicing: tubes and filter to be replaced annually




  • Air decontamination
  • Total destruction of airborne microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, etc.)
  • Remote control-operated