To assure total discretion, the PG40LB fits into false ceiling panels and is the ideal solution for offices, shops, businesses, restaurant eating areas, hotels, receptions areas, GP practises, veterinary practises, laboratories, nurseries, schools, retirement homes,…


  • Position away from light.
  • Positioning the unit in lieu of a 60x60cm ceiling plate.
  • Set up the unit between the areas to be protected and the insect entry points.
  • Servicing: replace the lamps annually and the glue board every 2 months.
  • Pests: flies, mosquitoes, midges.

*If left on 24/7. Average lifespan of a lamp: 9000 hours. Mounting kit included (earthquake protection chain).


  • Shatterproof lamp.


  • Modern design
  • Simple and fast maintenance
  • Energy-saving lamp highly attractive
  • White-coated finishes