Ideal for locations requiring pure, allergen-free air, electrostatic air purifiers operate with an axial fan that sucks in ambient air:

The pre-filter retains all of the coarse impurities present in the air (dust, fibres, etc.).

The electrostatic filters include an ionising area, where the air-borne micro particles are given a positive electrical charge, and a collection area comprising aluminium blades creating a high-attraction negative electrical field.

The resulting clean air is recycled directly into the usage location, without heat loss and with no modification to the hygienic quality of the air.

Applications: Offices, computing environments, doctors’ and vets’ surgeries, analysis laboratories, medical and social centres and community areas, food outlets and non-food outlets, restaurant dining rooms, chicha bars, hotels, tourist hubs, discotheques, smoking rooms, etc.


  • Placement: mounted on the wall or attached to the ceiling (in the centre of the room)
  • Servicing: electrostatic filter to be cleaned once a month




  • Air decontamination
  • Elimination of air impurities and allergens
  • Smoke capture feature
  • Remote control-operated(AIRNET)
  • No outlet duct required